How much will this cost?

This is the number one question every one asks, but let me ask you, what would you pay to stop chasing the next big sale and start living for the business you dreamt of when you first started? Our goal is to help businesses gain financial health and our fees are created with that in mind.

I hired a CPA, why do I need your services?

Hiring a CPA is a crucial step and a very smart one. However, they only work with the data you provide them. They do not audit your books for eroneous bills, duplicate entries or accurate sales, as they expect you to have already done that. Your books are your biggest asset, but can also be your biggest liability, which is why it is essential to be hands on in your financial management.

Will I lose business if I change my prices?

This cannot be answered definitively. The fact of the matter is each of your clients, products, and/or services need to be looked at in their entirety. Once engaged with our company, that is exactly what we will do to determine the most stragetic plan for obtaining long-term, sustainable profit.

I can pay the bills, why should I change processes or prices now?

If you are not making a healthy operating profit, then all you will continue to do is pay the bills. We know for a fact business owners did not go into entreprenuership to only pay bills. You had a vision and together, we can bring that financial stability to fruition.

How do I start a new business?

Starting a new business is an exicitng step, but can also be very scary. There is a ton of information online, but engaging with Profit Matters means you will only take the steps needed for your business. It means establishing pricing, services and your business model correctly from the beginning.

What if I cannot afford the services?

Since no business is the same, we take an in-depth look at their specific financials to determine our base pricing. We do not just look at sales, we look at cash flow and projected cash flow. After all, we are in the business of helping companies grow and profit, not adding additional financial stresses.

Why should I engage Profit Matters Now?

Profit Matters Now was founded with the intent to partner with businesses so they can reach their peak financial heath. Nothing about us is cookie cutter, which means the services provided are in-depth, and conformed to each specific businesses needs.