Profit Matters Now LLC

Let's Redefine Success. 

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Profit Matters Now is a business management and advisory practice. We provide various services, remote and on-site, from bookkeeping and business start-up consultations to target profit financial analysis and forecasting.


Rooted in Florida, we are dedicated to the financial growth and education of businesses owners.


Profit Matters Now mission is to educate business owners on the importance of accurate bookkeeping and understanding their financial health. We work on-one-one with every client to ensure the ongoing viability, growth, and profitability of their business, especially those financially impacted by COVID.


We specialize in target growth and profit analysis, expert bookkeeping, and business strategy consulting so business owners can reach peek profit and potential.


Small Business Consulting & Setup

Business Strategy & Development

Bookkeeping Review and Clean-Up

Target ​Profit Analysis & Reporting

Financial Statements

Pricing Development​

Software Setup & Training


The first thing I hear when I say I am an accountant is “I was never good at math”. I will let you in on a secret, most accountants are not good at math either; we have spreadsheets for that. The beautiful thing about accounting is it is much more than math and so much more than taxes… thankfully…

What I love about accounting is how numbers correspond to a client’s story. Within minutes of reviewing company records, I can identify the financial health of a client and their projected financial future. Pretty badass right? I think so! Now imagine what I can do when I have 6 months to a year. Since financial trends are my passion, the ability to identify, organize and strategize a plan to reverse bleak forecasts is my expertise.

If at the very least, I can assist a client with proper bookkeeping, so erroneous expenses and exaggerated sales do not eat away at their profit, that is still considered a win. 


I have assisted countless clients on the brink of closure regain financial stability and saved clients thousands of dollars in taxes from improper bookkeeping. I am confident that I can help many more.

-Sarah Gilbert